Events for the weekend (7th&8th Nov)


The Tiger, who came to Tea in the Pavilion Theatre - 6&7th Nov



Saturday Family Workshop in the National Gallery of Ireland - 7th Nov



Design it exhibition in The Ark - 7th Nov - 16 Jan



Design it workshops in The Ark - 7th Nov



Design it, construct it workshop in The Ark - 7th Nov



Make a Bird Peanut Log Feeder in Marley Park - 7th Nov



Aris Terenure College Fair - 7th Nov



Drop in Activity in Collins Barracks - 8th Nov



Physics in the Garden in the National Botanic Gardens - 8th Nov



Baby Bay Market in Tallaght - 8th Nov



World Culture Market in Dublin 8 - 8th Nov



Science Week 2015 - 8th - 15th Nov



Have Fun!