Top 6 autumn walks in Dublin

Although it might sound trivial, I think Dublin looks the best in the autumn... If you are tired of the Halloween fun, during the midterm break, it is always a good idea to take a long walk with the kids, to kick the crunchy leaves and admire the beauty of this wonderful season. Here is a short list of our favourite spots for a autumnal walk in (or close to) Dublin:


Ardgillan Demesne



A beautiful castle, a dog-friendly cafe, a cute fairy trail and one of the best playgrounds in Dublin - what else do you need for a perfect day out with your family?   


Glendalaugh Walk



OK, I know Glendalaugh is not in Dublin, but speaking about autumnal beauty, it is simply unmissable. There is no playground near the lakes, but there is a lot to see, so I think the kids will not complain...   


Killiney Hill Park



Killiney is often compared to the Bay of Naples, as the view from the top is just amazing. The walk up the hill is doable even with a toddler and if you choose the right route, it is buggy-friendly too. There is a decent playground near the car park, too. 


Botanic Gardens



If you visit the National Botanic Gardens only once a year, make sure that this visit falls in the autumn, because the experience is unbeatable. Please note that scooters, bikes cannot be used in the gardens!    


Phoenix Park



It is just natural, that the largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe must be on our list. Everyone has a favourite spot in this gigantic park, that has a Zoo, two playgrounds, a Visitor Centre, dozens of deers and a lot more to see!   


St Enda's Park



This hidden gem is my personal favourite on this list, maybe as it is not as popular as the above mentioned places. Although there is no playground on the premises, my kids love this park immensely, as they find the Pearse Museum and the Nature Room exciting and exploring this secret park is always great fun.   


+ 1:

Powerscourt Waterfall



Although visiting the waterfall is not free, I could not leave out this place from the list, as it looks wonderful in the autumn especially after rainy days. Near the car park, there is a small playground with a big sand pit, so a change of clothes is sometimes needed...  



Have Fun!