Events for the weekend (11&12 July)

Events for the weekend to entertain the kids:



Port Summer Carnival in Dun Laoghaire - 26th June - 12th July



Bray Summerfest - 4th July - 3rd August



Fossett's Circus in Swords - 7th - 12th July




Dun Laoghaire Regatta - 9th - 12th July



City Spectacular in Merrion Square - 10th - 12th July



Discover Rock Pools at Sandycove Beach and Insect Hunt in St Catherine's Park - 11th July!Discover-Rock-Pools/c1nae/ibjr139y12!Insect-Hunt/c1nae/ibjr41p513



Inspired by... Abstract Art family workshop in National Gallery of Ireland - 11th July



Hands on History (drop-in activity) in Collins Barracks - 12th July



Summer Medley at Airfield Farm - 12th July



World Culture Market - 12th July



Have Fun!