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Thank you for visiting my site, I hope you will find it a useful resource for planning your family weekend programs in Dublin.

Dublinfox.com was launched in early January, 2013 with the aim to offer a comprehensive list of family friendly places and programs in and around Dublin.

As a busy mother-of-two currently residing in Dublin, I always try to plan our weekend programs in a way that provides entertainment to our little ones while also allowing us, parents to discover our chosen city.
In the past six years, I spent a lot of time on making various lists and taking random notes to myself about playgrounds, parks and other programs. After a while, my husband suggested that I should share my findings with other parents or visitors of Dublin. A few weeks later we started working on this website that collects and describes destinations which are worth checking out with kids and thus Dublin Fox was born.

I know our list of family friendly places is not complete yet. Visiting and reviewing so many venues can take a lot of time. Still, we decided to publish whatever we already have visited and add new reviews, descriptions and photos on the go.

We are also hoping to get some help from our readers, from YOU. Help us with creating a complete and thorough collection of playgrounds, playcentres, parks, museums in Dublin.

Become part of Dublinfox.com by writing a review of a family friendly place in Dublin you know well.

Please note that all material / content on dublinfox.com (texts, images, logo, watermark) are the property of dublinfox.com and cannot be used or published anywhere else without the written permission of dublinfox.com.


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