Drimnagh Castle
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Long Mile Road, Dublin 12
Drimnagh castle is a Norman castle in South Dublin and it is the only moated castle remaining in Ireland. Although the website claims that the restoration work of the castle was completed in 1996, there is still a lot going on in the castle, although fortunately it is now open to the public on weekdays from 9 to 4. Nowadays the castle is maintained by a small group of dedicated FAS workers, who are ready to answer the visitors' curious questions. The yard and the garden of the castle can be visited for free and although they are not too big, it is great to take a walk around the castle to soak up its wonderful atmosphere. As the castle is surrounded by a flooded moat and some areas are not restored yet, children always have to be accompanied by adults to prevent accidents. The castle itself can be visited, too, so if you are interested in history you should definitely take the guided tour (it is €4,5 for adults in 2016 and takes about 40 minutes), but note that there are a few steep stairs to climb and some narrow path too, so it is not really recommended for young toddlers. Unfortunately there is no cafe in the castle, so feel free to take a few sandwiches with you if you wish to have elevenses on one of the benches of the garden.
How to get there: Bus: 18, 151, 56
Entry is priced
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