Airfield Farm
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Overend Way, Dundrum, Dublin 14
Airfield Farm is a working farm in the heart of Dublin 14, close to Dundrum Shopping Centre. It has been completely refurbished in the past few years and it is continuously improving to offer a more and more complex experience for visitors. It is perfect for a family day out, but unlike many pet farms, it is worth visiting without kids as well, because it is enjoyable for adults, too. In the estate, you can find an indoor and an outdoor play area: the former is suitable for toddlers (but my 5-year-old loves it too), while the latter is aimed at kids over 4-5. (Beware of the zipline, it is very fast. :) ) The interactive exhibition in the house is exciting and engaging and the fact that there are small toys (wooden cars, trains etc) scattered in the rooms is very clever and considerate. Airfield Estate offers a wonderful mix of nature and history, so after getting to know the life of the Overend family, you can visit the farmyard to meet the animals, you can take a long stroll in the woodlands or you can marvel at the gorgeous gardens located around the family home. Airfield farm is fully wheelchair & buggy accessible, but please note that scooters and bikes cannot be used and dogs are not allowed to enter the farm.
How to get there: LUAS: Balally Bus: 11, 14, 14c, 44, 44b, 75, 116
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