Howth Head Cliff Walk
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Balscadden Road, Howth, Co. Dublin
Howth Head Cliff Walk is just as beautiful as the Bray-Greystones Cliff Walk, however it is not as kid-friendly as the latter one. At some points it is rather rough, rocky and steep and the path is quite narrow as well, so even older children should be supervised at all times when walking on the trail. As the walk is a looped one, it is not easy to get lost. Most people start the trail from the Pier, but you can leave your car in the Howth Summit parking, too. If you wish to see the famous Baily Lighthouse, located on the south-eastern part of Howth Head, it can be viewed from the paths around Howth Head, but the easiest access to a great view is to start your walk from the Summit. (Unfortunately the lighthouse cannot be visited, it is not open to the public.)
How to get there: DART: Howth Bus: 31, 31b, 31c, 31n
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