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Clonliffe & Croke Park Community Hall, 9A Richmond Road Industrial Estate, Distillery Road, Dublin 3
Cafe O'Play is one of our favourite play cafes. I suppose it is the closest playcentre to the city centre, but fortunately usually it is not over-crowded at all. What I really appreciate in the place is that the play area is huge, so it is a play cafe where you can have a coffee and not a cafe where your kids can play, too. The toys are more or less new and clean and most of them work as well, so it seems that the batteries are replaced regularly... At the back, there is a small bouncy castle, which is not usual in a play cafe, so in my opinion it is a great addition. On weekdays there are different activities to take part in, but watch out, Cafe O'Play is closed on Tuesdays and every afternoon! The coffee and the treats the cafe sells are gorgeous and not over-priced at all and the wifi works perfectly, too. In winter or in colder days the place can get quite chilly, so take an extra jumper in case you need it. Parking can be a bit difficult on rainy days (there are only a few parking lots in front of the cafe).
How to get there: Bus: 123
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