Fun Galaxy playcentre
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Unit 8, Columba House, Airside Retail Park, Swords, Co Dublin
We visited Fun Galaxy, located in Swords, quite a long time ago, so this review might not be up-to-date, please take this into consideration when reading. The playcentre has a separated toddler area, the idea of which is perfect, as it is not only a ball pit, but a kind of "giant playpen" with a few building blocks, cars, trucks, baby riders and musical toys. Unfortunately, when we visited the place, most of the toys were broken and / or their batteries were missing, which was very frustrating to our young toddler... Older kids might enjoy the multi-level playframes with slides, bridges and tunnels, these are similar to the ones found in any other playcentre in Dublin. At weekends the place is very overcrowded, loud and hectic, so if you have a toddler, it might be better to pop into the playcentre on a quieter weekday.
How to get there: It is advised to visit the playcentre by car.
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