Ballawley Park playground
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Sandyford Road, Dublin 14
Ballawley Park is a quiet and very well-maintained park in a beautiful residental area in Dublin 14. It is popular with dog owners, so although at first sight the place might seem secluded, it is not. There are two little playgrounds in the park: one of them is near Sandyford Road; the other one is close to Wesley Heights. Both playgrounds are suitable for toddlers and older kids as well. The playground near Sandyford Road contains a climbing structure, two springers, a multi-play unit and a few play panels, while in the other playground there are two baby-swings, a multi-play unit and a balance bridge. Next to this second playground there is a handball / football goal, so ball games might be played in the park, too. For the sake of adults and teenagers, outdoor gym equipment can be found in the park, it is worth trying out some.
How to get there: LUAS: Kilmacud Bus: 44, 44b, 44c, 44n
Entry is free
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