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Phoenix Park, Dublin 8
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The smaller playground located in Phoenix Park can be found behind Peoples' Garden, in the southeastern part of the park. It is divided into two sections: a junior and a senior play area. As it is not as popular as the bigger playground near the Visitor Centre, it is a bit quieter and thus might be better for toddlers. However, it seems not as well-maintained as its newer counterpart and due to the surrounding tall trees it is rather dark and damp most of the time. The greatest attraction of this place might be the single-point swing, there are not many playgrounds in Dublin that provide this popular play equipment. After visiting the playground, it is a must to take a long walk in the park.

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Bus: 25, 25a, 26, 51, 66, 66a, 66b, 66d, 67, 67a, 68, 69
Entry is free.
You should not plan visiting this place if it rains.
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