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Phoenix Park, Dublin 8
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The playground located in Phoenix Park near the Visitor Centre, is one of the most popular one in Dublin. It is relatively big, modern and it is just impossible to list all the play equipment that could be found in this lovely playground. Several springers, climbing structures, multi play units with slides, talking tubes and swings are waiting for your little ones if you visit the place, not to mention the play panel and two playhouses that might come in handy in case of rain. The only problem with this playground is that the number of baby swings is not sufficient: taking the popularity of the venue into consideration, three baby swings are not enough. After or before visiting the playground, it is worth taking a stroll in Dublin's biggest park and it is also a good idea to pop in the Visitor Centre close to the playground.

For more information about the other playground in Phoenix Park (click here)

update: Two of the "normal" swings are missing, let's hope they will be replaced soon!

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Bus: 37, 38, 39, 70
Entry is free.
You should not plan visiting this place if it rains.
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Our favourite playground. Also good that there's a coffee shop nearby at the phoenix park visitor centre.
Note: Of the three baby swings in the photo, only one is operational. They've been broken for several months now.

written by Andrew on 2013-01-14

Lovely place, my 2 year old loves going here. We are there almost every Sunday, this is so much better than the small playground close to the gates. My fav!

written by Aoife on 2013-01-08

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