Santry Demesne playground
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Swords Road, Dublin 9
The playground in Santry Demesne is a medium-sized one, full of interesting playing equipment. Although it takes a few minutes to reach the playground from the parking area, the playground is definitely worth visiting, as it is a lovely one with swings (there are 4 baby swings, which is great), springers, multi-play units and a see-saw, an activity wall for toddlers and a special balance-swing for older kids. At the back of the playground, there are some toilets, which is very handy, especially if your little one is in the middle of toilet-training. (TBH it is sad, that most of the playgrounds do not have this facility in Dublin.) After visiting the playground, you can take a walk in the gorgeous Santry Demesne. With its walled garden, ornate pond, walkways and paths, this demesne is a perfect place to spend a beautiful day out with your kids.
How to get there: Bus: 16, 16a, 17a, 33, 33/n, 41, 41a, 41b, 41c, 41n, 103, 104, 746
Entry is free
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