Stardust Memorial Park playground
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Greencastle Road, Coolock, Dublin 5
When we last visited the playground in Stardust Memorial Park around February, it seemed a decent playground, although it was obvious that it needs a bit of renovation. Last Friday we were in the area, so we decided to check out the playground and we were horrified by what we saw. Broken and burnt swings, rusty and dangerous climbing frames and litter all over the place. It was a sad sight, to say the least. Hopefully something will be done in the very near future to save this lovely playground, because otherwise it could be such a nice place to visit. It is divided into two areas: a junior and a senior section and there are swings, multi-play units, springers, climbing nets, a see-saw, a dutch disk and a swivel chair.
How to get there: Bus: 27, 27c
Entry is free
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