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Rathmines Road Upper, Dublin 6
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The playground of Tranquilla park is quite small: its main attraction is the multi play unit with a normal and a covered / curved slide. It is suitable for toddlers over 2, just like the spinners and the standing see-saws. Unfortunately there are no baby swings (or any swings) in the playground, so unless your baby under 2 loves springers, he will not find the place amusing. However, if your kids are older than 2, they might even love this tiny playground for its tranquillity and for its unique slide. Opposite the playground there is a basketball ring and a goal.

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Bus: 14, 15, 15a, 15b, 15c, 15e, 15f, 65, 65b, 74, 74a
Entry is free.
You should not plan visiting this place if it rains.
This place has no website.
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